Lee River products are covered by a 5 year warranty from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, unreasonable use or neglect.

We’re reasonable people. Just don’t drop the buckle end of your belt on a tiled floor while you’re hopping around trying to get into your jeans….This results in a broken pin. (Happens a lot!)

Our stuff is designed to last, and should give a lifetime of use if you treat it with respect. If it doesn’t, then we will gladly replace it.  A belt was once used to remove an overheating radiator cap. No ill effects were reported.

This one’s just hit it’s 25th birthday:


We use certified Italian veg-tanned cowhide. Vegetable tanning is the most traditional way of tanning hides. Using Italian artisans, most of the process is done by hand and can take up to 40 days to produce. Vegetable tanning uses natural ingredients such as the bark of chestnut trees. This means the finished colours are usually warm, rich tones of natural browns. Our tannery has a rich heritage, is family owned and is one of the most respected tanneries in Italy.

Vegetable-tanned leather absorbs the traces of our living, it gains character without degrading. The natural ageing does not compromise its resistance and gives it a vintage look with warm colour shades showing evidence of being a natural product.

Leather is a natural product and needs to breathe. If it gets wet, dry it slowly at room temperature rather than direct heat.

Leather has human characteristics. Just as we do not like to be locked up in an airless environment which is too hot, too cold or very damp….neither does your belt.

Do not overfill your bag or wallet. Leather stretches out, but rarely back.

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